Sunday, October 31, 2010

Milk-does a body good

Ever since Addie turned 1 we've been trying to get her to drink milk (someone thinks that it's time to wean her, sigh). At first she was drinking it pretty well but then it was a full on boycott (did she know that we are trying to make a switch?) We finally convinced her to drink it by mixing it with egg nog- she loves it! Probably not the healthiest mix but it works. Every time she sees the fridge open she gets excited and tries to take stuff out. This was her latest adventure. She pulled the whole milk out, which was pretty light- then she reached for the 2% which was a bit heavier. She is so funny.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Well rounded girl

We got Addie a four wheeler for her birthday, which she loves. She likes to do tricks on it- she must of learned that from her dad. She is a daring little girl. I was thinking that she may end up being just a tomboy but Aunt Judy got her a purse with some cute accessories and she knew just what to do- she slung it over her shoulder and has already eaten the lip gloss that came with it (I didn't realize she could open the lid...) She also loves to snuggle her baby. So it looks like she is going to be an all arounder. Now to get her riding a horse by her self :)

Birthday Party

Addie is now one year old! We had a party for her with some friends and family. It was a fun little get together. Addie took a late nap that day and woke up with a house full of people. She was kind of out of it, would not eat her cake and didn't want to share her presents. It was pretty funny. It was fun to have everyone over.

Catching up again

So I am woefully behind on the past couple of months. Addie is growing by leaps and bounds and gets funnier by the day. She is so smart she cracks me up.