Sunday, November 4, 2012

Staycation 2012

So Chops is always on a mission to find us suitable camping arrangements.  Since we have two little kids, and I'm not as spry as I used to be, a tent just doesn't cut it. We started out with a small camper shell, then we went through two or three more. I've lost track. My husband has an uncanny sense of how to make a quick buck using KSL. He finds an awesome deal, we play, use, sleep in it for a season and then he sells it for often double (or, you know. like ten times) as much as he paid for it. He also has no shame haggling the price of an already killer deal. Sometimes its embarrassing, sometimes I feel like offering the seller some money afterwards but we have picked up some great deals due to his vigilance. So anyways, we were able to pick up a small camper trailer for an excellent price and decided to take it out on its maiden voyage to Buraston Ponds down by Mona. It was a cute little spot, way too windy to swim but it was fun to watch the Scout groups and singles wards jump off the rope swings. After that we headed over to the Young Living Lavender Farm where we lucked into their fall festival. We had Lavendar ice cream, Addie attended a fairy party, got her face painted a very girly pumpkin and of course, the pony rides! It was a fun day, just hanging out with the fam.

 We didn't catch anything fishing...

 Addie took this pic of the fairies and wasn't too sure about being in a pic with them

Friday, November 2, 2012

A hunting we will go!

Chops has been going bow hunting the last couple of years. Sometimes we send him out with his buddies and sometimes we go with him and hang out while he is tromping through the forest. 

 I can't believe how big Addie is

 Addie caught a grasshopper and was showing it to Wyatt
 I love those two little blonde heads

End of summer fun

 This hair kills me-one day Addie will have long hair...and let me do at her wedding?

 Wyatt has the cutest smile ever. He can be such a stinker and then he pulls one of these :D
 I love how Addie and Wyatt can play together. They get along pretty well most of the time

I've been working on some photo stuff and love looking back at pictures I've taken. There are days when I feel like I have too many photos and then there are days when I haven't taken any that I wish I Halloween, perhaps. Anyways, here are some random pics that I just want to throw in the blog.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

California Dreamin'

I supposed it has been sufficiently long since I last posted to try to catch up again...We were able to head out to California for the Crowley family reunion (my moms mom) which basically ended up being the Memmott/Durrant/Petty reunion but I loved it all the same. We were at the cabin and swimming the river most of the week. We went to the fair one day and went up to the Falls another day as well. Addie and Wyatt loved playing in the sand across the river and Taisyn loved swimming, he was a little fish! Addie warmed up to the water at the week progressed. I think she will be swimming non stop next summer as she is practicing a lot in the bath tub :) Its not anything big or extravagant but I love being at the place that holds so many dear memories for me. Its my favorite place to visit and I am always sad to leave.