Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring time

She's been making the most dainty faces.

She really wanted to go outside with her dad- it was freezing outside.

Addie has some pretty sweet new toys. My family gave her a little play set that we set up in the backyard. It has been pretty cold but she still loves to swing and always wants Maggie or Rocky to swing with her. She's only fallen off a couple of times. Her newest toy is a little 3 wheeler that her dad got her (suprise, surprise..I'm just hoping this doesn't resurrect the 3 wheeler mania that happened a few years ago) She LOVES it. When she wakes up in the morning she says "Dad....vroom vroom?" and then I get to hear vroom vroom about a million times throughout the course of the day. We will get it out and she'll just sit on it, taking in the scene. Addie and Chops are seen nightly making a drive around the neighborhood. It runs in the genes I guess. She also has the cutest little kitchen set from grandma Fran, but I need to take some pictures still.

Spring Break in New Mexico

We headed down to NM for spring break. The weather was a bit chilly but got warmer the longer we were there. It was pretty windy but Addie didn't mind at all. She loved bouncing on the trampoline, even when it was freezing outside. It was super cute watching her run around while Lily jumped. Addie especially loved riding on the 4 wheelers and bikes, and Tacoma was so sweet he gave her a toy motorcycle which kept her entertained on the ride home. She wasn't too bad considering the long hours strapped in her carseat, and only occasionally wanted "out". Sierra, Tiernan and Alyx skipped school the last day we were there and so we headed to the Balloon museum. Addie's favorite attraction there was the stairs. We hung out there probably half the time. Sierra was really loving Addie and Addie was wanting a bit more personal space. Whenever Sierra would touch her Addie would say "ouch" a habit that she has brought home with her. We loved spending time with the cousins and Addie gave Lily a big hug when we were saying goodbye. Precious!

Monday, April 4, 2011


So last week Chops texted me asking if he could get an iPad. Um, sure. I got home later that evening to find that he meant that day- not just in the future :) He has already downloaded different apps and set it up to where he can play itunes on the computer by using the iPad. I'm sure he has done some other stuff too but I kind of leave it alone. Its gonna take me a while to warm up to it, but I'm sure in about a year I will have commandeered it and he'll have to get something else new and exciting. That's kind of what happened when I got him an ipod touch for graduation. I'm pretty much the one that uses it now. It has been cute to watch Addie play games on it, and really funny to watch Fran play games on it. Chops is trying to get his mom more interested in technology and I think it's working. We are taking it with us when we head out of town for spring break so it will hopefully make the drive with an active toddler a bit easier....