Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm really not tired..

If only they would nap at the same time :)
Dad was watching the kids and I came home to this...seriously my Dad and uncle Rich have the magic touch...
Slightly scary place to fall asleep

So Addie has champion sleeper moments and sometimes not. She really was a great napper until we got rid of the binky and then it was a struggle and now naps are sometimes good and sometimes I feel like I need a nap so I have the energy to get her to nap. There are days that I just can't get the nap to happen. Often, it gets quiet so I go off to find if she a) fell asleep somewhere funny or b) has gotten herself into an epic mess. I always prefer a :)
One of these days we'll get back into a routine...

6 Months!

This is his face about 90% of tummy time...but he's getting better!

Our little Wyatt is 6 months old already. I can't believe how the time has flown by. I have to say that our little boy has been pretty cute and pretty exhausting. He has been a bit more demanding than his older sister but he has also been so dang smiley that he wraps you around his finger. He know what he wants and he lets you know. He has got a very impressive set of lungs but seriously the cutest, goofiest smile that it balances out. He is actually starting to feel pretty good most of the time so the last little while has been so awesome.
At his check up he was in the 30% for weight and 25% for height and 10% for head (but they didn't add the hair when they were measuring) He is sitting up really well (except for when he totally face plants) and loves to grab his toes. He is so close to rolling over but not quite there. He still doesn't like tummy time, unless he is preoccupied or in the bath. He is always content to splash and kick on his tummy in the bath tub. He is practicing being a boy already; when he picks something up he almost always throws it. My favorite thing is when he sees his sister and giggles. She doesn't have to do anything, he just loves her so much. She actually usually freaks him out when she does try to make him laugh cuz she cackles like a hyena or makes some other shrill noise. He loves to be wherever she is and grabs her hair, toys, food. She is pretty good with him although she hasn't been pulling her share in feeding him. I make up some oatmeal and fruit puree and she says "mom, you're making me choke" I think it must be the texture, but it is hilarious every time. She also always tell him he can do things when he gets bigger and of course, he is excited for that.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas and such

Wyatt has started eating big boy food and he loves it.
Child model
I wanted to get a pic of both kids in PJs Christmas morning but instead I have this

Donald Trump combover

Wow, Christmas has come and gone. I thought that it would be a nice relaxing break and maybe I could get some sleep but Chops decided to redo the kitchen and the kids were sick and ... by the time the break was over I needed a break from the break. I still don't have any pics of the new kitchen but I need to take some. Chops did a really nice job and now Addie has access to basically the whole countertop (sink and stove included) since she has turned into a climbing pro.
Christmas is so fun with kids. Addie still opens presents slowly and kind of takes it in. She was really excited for the baby stroller and doll she got from Grandma Fran. Wyatt was excited for the baby, it was so cute watching him. I love the feeling of Christmas and always get kind of a let down when its over. It was an especially sad Christmas for Chops since we had no snow and still haven't had a storm. Its been a lame year for snowmobiling but I can't lie that it was pretty nice to teach lessons in 50 degree weather in January.