Tuesday, January 8, 2013

18 Months!

Wyatt is already 18 months. He has really blossomed in the past few months and is turning into such a little boy. It is so fun to watch him grow and develop but bittersweet to lose the baby in him. I love watching him play with Addie. He wants to do everything just like her. And she really is mostly sweet with him. They play with kitchen toys, baby dolls, dress ups and of course trucks and blocks. Wyatt is a willing partner in any shenanigans Addie pulls.  He hasn't spoken much but just in the last few weeks he is starting to jabber and repeat words. He says Addie and sis, mom, dad, Rich and some of the animal sounds and of course Rocky and Maggie. He actually learned those pretty early on, accompanied with NO! He just learned how to fold his arms and says amen during the prayer.
He wouldn't ever sit still for me to read to him until we pulled out "No, David!" I seriously have mixed feelings about that book but both of my kids love it. And it was the gateway to reading. He loves Quick as a Cricket, Curious George and When the Rooster Crowed. I love sitting with him and reading the same book three and four times.
He is still as tenderhearted as ever. You look at him wrong and he bursts into tears. He does this thing where he puts his head in his hand, it is so melodramatic and it usually makes me laugh despite the fact his heart is breaking into a million pieces. He typically has at least one really good meltdown per day where he cries, yells, sobs for a good five or ten minutes and then is fine. Sometimes I can figure out what set him off, like cutting his toast wrong or putting jam on it when he wanted it plain... but sometimes I just scratch my head. He is definitely lovable. If you ask for a kiss he will give you one and his hugs melt me. He is mostly sleeping through the night with an occasional need for a snuggle and he has been sleeping later which is nice for me. Of course Addie usually wakes up early on the days he sleeps really well.
He was sick on Christmas eve, but was so fun opening presents and playing with his sis on Christmas day. He got a toy drill and carted it with him most of the day.
We love our sweet, sassy and small Wyatt. He just got a haircut and looks even more like a little boy.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


I can't believe it-Addie has graduated from nursery and tomorrow is her very first day as a Sunbeam. I hope she loves Primary as much as she does nursery. She has had super awesome leaders and I know that they will miss her and will be missed. They had a little graduation and it was so fun, kind of like herding cats, really cute ones. Wyatt will be heading into nursery in a week. I can't believe how fast it goes.


Addie and Wyatt are lucky enough to have some cousins near the same age as they are, and they live close. I know that Addie and Taisyn are going to cause some serious trouble as teenagers and I used to think that Brooklynn would help keep Addie on the straight and narrow but now I can actually envision them living it up too. Uncles are pretty cool to. I love this pic of Addie and Uncle Dave