Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A smattering of pictures

Grandma got her these mittens- her face reminds me so much of Chops here
Addie loves flossing and brushing her teeth- which is good since about 5 came in all at the same time- she's been a bit cranky lately.
My daughter the acrobat. She loves to climb in and on anything that she can
One morning she woke up with a gnarly snargle- I took this picture as proof that she has some hair- enough to get tangled at least.

I just downloaded more pictures and these were the hodge podge ones that just ended up being cute. Addie has gotten used the momarazzi in her life. But with a face like that, how can I not take pictures?

Monday, December 13, 2010


Addie is quite the adventurous little lady. I left her with dad the other night and got back to a picture of this. I guess she's decided to become a jockey along with her fourwheeler/snowmobile riding career. She must be spending too much time with uncle Travis. How early is too early to start getting sponsors?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving in San Diego

She loved watching the otter swim around
Addie tried feeding the goat a stick
Grandma Rose, Grandpa and Don

Someone really loved Thanksgiving

We went to the temple- it is so beautiful. I wish that we had gone inside but we just visited the outside.

We headed to San Diego to spend Thanksgiving with Chops' grandpa and his parents. We flew out on Tuesday (missing all of the nasty weather that was supposed to be coming) We didn't get the pat down at the airport or have to go through the scanner- just went through the metal detector. The flight was pretty uneventful- Addie was really cute looking out the window as we took off and she played with a little girl that was about her age in the seat behind us and took a nap on the second flight. We made it to San Diego and had fish and chips on the wharf. I was surprised at how cold it was. We stopped at the WWII memorial places where grandpa had to look up the skirt of the giant nurse statue and we hung out with Bob Hope. Then we headed to grandpas, who does not have a furnace in his house.
The weather was definitely warmer than it was in Utah but I felt freezing for probably the first three days. I finally started to thaw out by the day we had to leave since the sun finally came out. We took Addie to the beach, which she loved until she realized that she was a frozen little popsicle (I didn't even take my boots off to play in the water, but we stripped the baby down to her diaper, such a bad mom...) She loved all the birds and watching the water come and go. We also took her to the zoo- she is definitely an animal lover. She would watch the animals and reach out her hands to them. She fell asleep for some of the cooler animals like the giraffes and elephants but it was a much needed nap so we let her snooze. Grandpa had a cat at his house and she learned how to say meow and would go walking around the house saying meow, meow. I think that Grandpa had a lot of fun with her- he was always getting a kleenex to wipe her nose or following her around so she didn't get into trouble (not that she would :) ok, his house was definitely not baby proof so I'm surprised nothing got broken) He mentioned a couple of times that we could just leave her there with him. If I had known how she was going to be on the trip home I may have been tempted...we got stuck in a storm where we traveled between 5-25 miles per hour for what felt like an eternity. We lost track of how many slide offs there were. Addie was not happy to be stuck in the car for hours on end and while she usually naps ok in her carseat, she wouldn't take a nap. So it made for one very long car ride home, although I am grateful we made it home safe. It was a fun Thanksgiving and I'm glad that we were able to spend it with Chops crazy grandpa whom we don't get to see that often.