Monday, April 1, 2013

Family Pics

So I was feeling like we need some new family pictures since Wyatt was a new baby when we had our last ones. My sweet friend visiting from Boston offered to take some for us and I jumped at the chance. I love how they turned out. I may be a bit biased but I think my kids are adorable.
 I rest my case. It does not get any cuter than this!

 I love this one of Chops, and Addie is totally pulling a face

 I was so excited I could get Addie's hair into a cute 'do...and she left it in for longer than a minute!


I suppose there has been adequate time lapsed for an update :) Wyatt had a few more tests done that all came up negative. We took him off gluten for a month and while he has gained weight (it's so fun to see him chunky again) he still has rashes on his arms, back of his knees and back. Other than the rash, he has been doing pretty well. I have actually been taking him to a lady that, Ok, I don't really know how to explain it. She has these little vials with certain things you can be sensitive/allergic/bothered by. She tests you to see which ones you are sensitive to and then treats you for it. Yes, it sounds bogus, yes my husband thinks I'm taking our child to a witch doctor and yes, I may sometimes feel the same way. But, our specialist didn't think that allergy testing would necessarily be conclusive and I was ready to have a break from doctors as well. She works out of her home and it is very non invasive.
Even though I feel like we have jumped through several hoops, somewhat for naught, this experience has been good for me. Each time I was up at the hospital, I realized that I am so blessed. I have two healthy children, one may be itchy but he is in good health. I have awesome health care coverage, even though I was bemoaning my high deductible that is better than many peoples regular coverage. We were worried that our health bills would eat a huge chunk of savings but it ended up that our tax return just about covered it all. I am amazed at how well the Lord takes care of me and my family. I feel like I need to do my part to help others, pay it forward so to speak. Visit those sick in the hospital, donate every time I'm asked, take time to make sure that those around me are getting taken care of. Spending time with my itchy but solid little boy. And now, a gamish of pictures.