Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Wyatt!

Wyatt turned one on the 11th and we had dinner and cupcakes to celebrate. Following in his sisters footsteps he refused to nap all day so he was pretty tired. But he did end up liking his cake (unlike Addie who refused to even touch her first birthday cake) so overall success! I can't believe my baby is one, and if he wasn't such a stinker I would be getting baby hungry :) Some of the things I love about my baby boy: He can totally stand alone and has done so for months but has no desire to walk. He still gets around with his stink bug crawl. He loves birds and will point and say buh. Pretty much his only word. Dr. Black would be so proud. He is a super snuggler. He loves being held and loves being close to me. He loves his big sister and puts up with her carrying/dragging him. I love when they play and laugh together. He snuggles by head butting you, so tender. He likes food such as avocado and grapes, has only two teeth and still loves to nurse, a lot. Still doesn't sleep through the night and screams bloody murder, so sleep is still a work in progress.  He loves the sand and dirt and water. He also has discovered otter pops and will grunt and get excited when he sees the outside freezer. He babbles a lot but mostly a lot of uh uhs and grunting.  His smile melts my heart.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Catching up, again....Wyatt's Haircut!

 About a month ago Chops figured it was time for Bud to get a haircut. I had mixed emotions, his hair was kind of long but I loved it.  We sat him down and gave him a buzz.  I can't believe how much older he looked. It was kind of sad. Both grandmas were bummed but he is quite the handsome boy both ways. I still miss the red that has now been replaced with lots of blonde. I can't believe he was so dark when he was born.