Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bear Lake

We headed up to Bear Lake for a wedding and Raspberry Days. Chops found some jet skis and fixed them up so we could play in the lake with them. It was a great time with all the cousins until half of them got sick. Chops was first and by the end of the weekend we had lost of few more. We didn't get to jet ski as much as we liked (well, Chops and I did plenty but no one else really rode them) It was fun to be with family and cousins.
 Wyatt actually was feeling crappy before we left due to an earache. Aunt Dianne was a life saver to get him to choke down his medicine without throwing up...too much.

Pioneer Day!

This Pioneer Day was super fun. We went up to Wallsburg and did the celebration up there. I sent Addie and Wyatt up early with Grandma and Grandpa so they could do the parade since I had to teach. Addie made the front page of the Wasatch Wave a couple of days later in her dress and boots. Carly, Travis and I went up later and competed in the hide race, rescue race and barrels. I wasn't planning on doing anything but it was fun and I'm glad I did. I am severely rusty at competing though- good thing it was Wallsburg. I didn't get any pics up there but later we went out on the lake with Carly and Travis and it was SOOO much fun! They later decided they should probably be responsible adults and try to buy a house so they sold it but I am sad they did.

 The weather was a bit ominous at times so it was a bit choppy but soo fun!

 One day I won't have a farmers tan in the middle of summer, maybe