Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I want to go to the river!

Last week we headed out to California to visit Aunt Diane and Uncle Dave. We took Don and Fran so they could enjoy what we love. The drive wasn't all that bad, Addie was a champ and Wyatt did very well also. And I got to read a long book : )
We went to the fair the first day. Addie got to see all the animals and pet a deformed rooster that stood completely upright. It was crazy to look at. She also petted the cutest mini donkey. We took her and Luca on the rides and it was so funny to watch Addie's sober expression. She has a habit of looking like she not having any fun, but when you go to take her off of something she throws a fit. Although she was pretty good this time around. She fell asleep and we walked around the booths until I felt like I couldn't walk anymore.
The next day we picked blackberries and went to church. Addie slept through most of church but was able to make it to some of nursery. They had like 4 kids total. We have 4 nurseries total. Aunt Diane was watching a 5 year old girl so Addie was able to play with her. Chops made blackberry ice cream and it was fantastic.
We went to the river on the third day. I was hoping to have the beach to ourselves but there were quite a few people where we went. The water was a bit chilly so we didn't do much swimming but it was fun playing in the sand and throwing rocks. Diane and I were pushing Addie back and forth beetween us with the boogie board and accidentally dunked her. She cried but got over it pretty fast. She eventually forgave us and got back on for a photo op.
The next day we went to Bridgeport and the water seemed warmer. I had a blast swimming and Addie rode on the board a lot and played in the shallow parts. I think Don had fun exploring and we weren't sure if we were going to have to look for him. I'm sure Fran didn't have quite as much fun, but it was great to have her there to hold Wyatt while the rest of us played.
I could have stayed there forever- we had good food, beautiful scenery and Aunt Diane would come in in the morning and hold Wyatt so I could keep sleeping. I think that was the reason why he now thinks he should be held all the time. It was great. Yesterday we were driving and Addie says, "I want to go to the river!" so I think a good time was had by all.

Blessing Day

We blessed Wyatt when he turned one month. I didn't want to buy him a frilly outfit, so we went casual. I was tempted to put him in his cowboy boots but didn't. I meant to bring something to write down his blessing with and didn't so all I remember is the spirit of his blessing...we also didn't take many pictures. This was definitely an example of the younger sibling getting the shaft on documentation of a special moment....

Two babies

Last week, his hair has definitely gotten lighter
He sleeps best when swaddled...or being held
Go buddy!
Cute Cousins

Aunt Tammy got him these AWESOME cowboy boots- so cute!

I love his long arms and big hands
Notice which child has a binky...she's gonna be a tough one to break the habit

Okay, it's been too long so I am going to do another run of blogs.
On having two children, sometimes not that bad, sometimes I wonder how people ever have more than two. Addie has been a pretty good big sister overall. She will occasionally hit Wyatt, something she has never done before but mostly she just wants to help A LOT. She has also taken to mothering her stuffed animals and baby dolls. Often when I'm trying to put Wyatt in the swing/carseat/bouncer she runs and tries to stuff whatever it is that she is holding in first. She also figured out how to buckle the carseat straps so much time is spent doing that. She is wanting to do more and more by herself which means it takes us forever to do anything or go anywhere. She is getting pretty good at putting on her underwear and shoes, we are still working on the rest. She would love to just hang out in her underwear all day (don't blame her..) and when we have to go somewhere and I tell her she needs to get dressed she says, "I wear underwear!" and then I have to chase her around trying to get her into clothes. She keeps surprising me with what songs she knows and the other day Grandma Dorothy came over and she would start off the Quick as a Cricket phrases and Addie would finish them. I didn't realize that she knew them. It is amazing the things that she catches. She has also been potty training her dolls and stuffed animals. Just tonight she got mad at her dad because he was on the potty and the baby needed to go. Hopefully, she never dunks one in.
Wyatt is 6 weeks now and growing every day. He is starting to fill out and get some chubbiness though he hasn't quite caught up to where Addie was at his age. His head seems so much smaller and less round than Addie's and he has a cute little chin. I love his hair, which has thinned a little and seems to be turning reddish blonde. I can't get over how much hair he has. He is at the baby acne stage and gets heat rash on a regular basis. I feel like I am constantly muggy from holding him. He loves to be held and just about every other day I feel like my arms are going to fall off from holding him so much but then the next day he will sleep in his crib and do okay. He isn't as colicky as Addie was but it seems like she was mostly during the evening and he is periodically during the day. He also goes from calm to all out yell much quicker. I hate letting him cry but it is kind of funny how mad he gets so quickly. Quite often he wears himself out if I don't get to him quick enough. He is more alert now and I love watching him look around and be able to focus on things. He is also super strong; he can hold up his head really well and pushes off with his arms and legs. Grandma Dorothy says he spoiled but he is a sweetie.