Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Little Princess

Addie was perched in the dog bed (one of her favorite places to relax) and I snapped a few pics- do you think she likes getting her picture taken?
Why yes, that is at the TOP of the stairs. Worried? Only slightly.

Also, we have a monkey on our hands. She will climb anything and everything she possibly can. If you leave a chair near anything she climbs up the chair and then as high as she can. She loves climbing up the computer desk and getting into Dad's stash of gum...that girl has swallowed more gum than I care to think about. Hopefully it doesn't stay in there for 7 years...
She was riding her rocking horse the other night and doing tricks and fell off, she cried, pointed to the horse and stopped crying as soon as she was back on. We should have named her Knievel. She totally has the hair for wearing a helmet.