Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our house lately

Addie was drawing with pastels and they got all over
Boy or girl...this bouncer is really upright so Wyatt actually lets me put him in it for longer than a minute.

Addie is wearing Wyatt's onesie as underwear

I feel like I should be documenting more of what my funny kids are doing but one of those funny kids likes to be held so much, I don't get around to it as often as I would like.
Addie's newest phrase is, "yeah, maybe". She says it all the time and it cracks me up. She has also been a bit more sassy than usual, I'm getting kind of worried about the terrible twos. She has also gotten addicted to PBS. Its funny because I couldn't get her to watch any tv (sometimes it would be nice if she would sit down and watch something while I cook, clean etc) and then her dad downloaded PBS kids on the iPad and she is seriously glued to the tube now. She still doesn't watch a full episode but likes to change through a bunch of the shows (she got that from her dad the channel surfer) but she can easily do that for as long as I will let her. And she pretty much tunes out the world around her. Addie, do you want to go to the park? See aunt Carly? Nothing. It is sometimes nice and sometimes very inconvenient.
I have been teaching riding lessons and my mom watches the babies. I am really grateful that she does. Just about every time afterwards she mentions that my arms must be tired from holding Wyatt all day. Yeah, they are :) Wyatt is still pretty fussy during the day, but is such a good baby at night, thankfully. He really is happy most of the time but he really likes to be held. I am working on getting him to nap better. I think both of my children have a hard time with the early infant stage so I'm excited to see how happy he gets when he gets his bowels figured out. He is super smiley already, though I can never get it on camera....

I want a pony

So, I have been perusing KSL looking at miniature horses because, you know, they are cute. And I figured it might be nice to get one for Addie so if or when she falls off she is closer to the ground. So I found one that was adorable and somehow convinced Chops to go looking at it with me. We took Addie up with us and it was pretty dang cute. I had forgotten how bouncy they are because they are so small. She seemed very friendly and her colt was pretty well behaved for a baby. Curious and likes to try things out in his mouth, but sweet. So we mulled it over and decided to offer less than what they were asking and if they would take a lower amount we would get them. I kind of figured that that wouldn't and so prepared to be disappointed...but they felt like we were a good home so we are now the proud owners of Ginger and Sampson the minis. It is so fun to watch Addie brush Ginger and I may be getting attached to Sampson. He still has his fluffy baby coat so likes to be scratched all over. I intend on selling Sampson when he gets bigger because I really don't need two (did I even need one, really) but he is worming his naughty way into my heart. We took Kate and Tommy with us on Saturday to ride and they loved it, Tommy wasn't even holding on. Chops broke his collar bone and was in charge of taking pictures, which is why they are um, yeah. I need to take some more soon.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Two Months

Addie diapered her pony, and did a really good job. She's almost ready to take over Wyatts...

I keep meaning to blog and the days just flow by without anything blogged. Wyatt is now two months old! He went in today for his check up. He is 23 and 1/4 inches long and 12 lbs 4 oz. No wonder my arms and back seem to tired- he loves to be held. And Addie went in for her 2 year appointment, though she won't be 2 for two more weeks...I can't believe I have an almost 2 year old! She was 32 and 3/4 inches and weighed 23.6 lbs. She is actually getting bigger percentile wise. Wyatt was pretty much in the middle except his head is small, and so full of hair, I love it. Have I mentioned that before? Addie was a trooper for her shot and I think she was as upset or more so when Little Brother got his. He waled pretty good and Addie teared up while he was crying. She is a sensitive soul. Wyatt actually cried a lot tonight so I think his legs were hurting. I don't remember Addie ever crying that much after shots. He too is a sensitive one. He is doing so good holding his head up and I love when he smiles and coos. Addie is a big helper sister and Wyatt loves her attention. I was cooking dinner and gave her some shredded cheese to keep her happy (that girl gets seriously cranky when she is hungry, takes after her mom) and asked her to play with Wyatt. I look over and she is sharing her cheese with him...thats a fairly safe first food to introduce...right? At two months? He seemed to be enjoying it.