Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Guess its time to vacuum more...

I think it may be time for a haircut, sigh.
Addie twirls her hair around her finger and pulls it out by the roots...urg. And Taisyn has a permanent mischievous look on his face- those two are partners in crime.

Addie can open Wyatt's door and climb in his crib, sometimes this is good and sometimes this is bad.
I can't tell who Wyatt reminds me of here but isn't he adorable? Addie is cheesing it.
Addie still loves riding Brownie, bareback and bare bum.

So as of Friday, Wyatt is crawling. Chops took a sucker and was trying to entice him to crawl to him and it worked. Wyatt is loving being able to move around and bug Addie more freely. He actually is still in the crawl a few steps and then play mode, but he has gone long distance mode a few times. He loves trying to pull himself up on things so I think that standing will be his next challenge. He is loving food and getting better at chewing stuff even though there are still no teeth in sight. He likes food so much that I get worried that he will stop nursing too early but then he reassures me that he still likes nursing by waking up a couple of times a night...what a sweetie. One of these days I'll buckle down and make him sleep through the night but he is growing so dang fast that right now I try and cherish the moments that I can snuggle him in my arms, even if I am half awake.
Addie is still being a mostly good big sister. She has been saying the funniest prayers. She blesses every item on her plate at dinner and will often be thankful for mom helping Buddy, Addie helping Buddy, Daddy helping Buddy and Buddy helping Buddy...she cracks me up more times a day than I can count. We are seriously considering finding a new home for Rocky, who for some reason periodically pees in the house, and she keeps saying, "I guess we'll have to find Rocky a new home..." The way she says it is so funny, although it does make me sad. She really does love those doggies and they are so good with both the kids.