Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wyatt William Dawson

My brother!

Both babies are sleeping so I better update the newest member of our family. Wyatt William Dawson was born 2:02 pm on 7/7/2011 at the American Fork Hospital. He weighed 7 lbs 3 oz. and was 18 1/2 inches long- tiny compared to big sister.
I was due on Sunday but scheduled an induction date for Monday. I was kind of worried that there would be lots of people wanting to be induced and I would be last in line but they called me at 7:30 am and asked how soon I could get there. Grandma D came over to watch Addie who was still sleeping and we made it to the hospital around 8:15. They got me all ready and checked me. I was still at a 2 and about 85% effaced. They started me on pitocin and the dr came in and broke my water. With Addie it took a while for me to feel contractions but with Wyatt I started feeling them a lot sooner. I wanted to make it til noon before I got my epidural but around 11:30 they were getting pretty strong so I asked to be put on the list. The nurse said there were two in front of me, so I figured maybe a half hour and I'd be good. Almost two hours later and the anesthesiologist finally gets to me, after my nurse realizes that I am progressing quickly. I know that the natural birthers will call me a wimp but I was dying. It was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. Chops was a trooper and let me squeeze his hand and yell in his ear. As they were putting the epidural in, the anesthesiologist would ask if I could feel the needles going in. Now, Chops is great at helping deliver but he is not great with needles...at all. And I was screaming pretty loudly. He was holding my hand and I could feel him go slack so I told the nurse that my husband just passed out. There was a flurry of activity as they rushed to make sure he didn't fall, nurses for scrambling to get some juice and ammonia to revive him. It was just what I needed to relieve some of the tension. I busted out laughing and could not stop. I know Chops was probably slightly embarrassed but it really was just what I needed to help me through the last painful contractions before the medication kicked in. I got my epidural around 1:15 pm and about ten minutes later I had Chops call in the nurse because I felt like he was coming. The doctor came and I pushed for about thirty minutes (just an hour and half less than with Addie...) and he was born. I love to hear the sound of his first cry and looking over at his dad, with tears in his eyes. Wyatt looked so small compared to Addie. Both grandmas were able to come right after he was born and brought Addie in after we got all cleaned up. She loves her little brother and is such a good helper, most of the time. She has been really good at being gentle and loves to hold him and rub his soft hair.
The stay at the hospital was uneventful, although I do feel like they must have been busier this time because I feel like they didn't come and check on us as much. Wyatt has been a very good baby. He will sleep between 3 and 4 hours at night and has been nursing well. He loves to be snuggled and loves his mama :) I can't get over how cute he is, but maybe I am biased.

Addie was helping me change his diaper once and still had some mustard on her hand from dinner. She didn't notice it until her hand brushed the changing pad and yellow (the same color as Wyatt's poop) came off. The look on her face was priceless as she thought she had baby brothers poop on her. I love how she says brother and she is still working on Wyatt, although she is getting better. When she wakes up in the morning she has to find him and touch him. She has been really good with him although she wants to really push him hard when he is in the swing. She has a baby doll she has been carting around and sshhing and rocking. I love my little babies.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The hilariousness that is Addie

I told Addie to smile for a picture....these are what I got.....

She's just so photogenic...
Maggie gets to sit on Addie's lap, which is better than Addie riding Maggie

Addie has been talking up a storm and she cracks me up. Her newest additions are, "I can't do it" and "Addie do it." She is very independent and loves to do things herself; she has also gotten to an age where she gets frustrated if she can't get it. This mostly applies to putting the collar on Maggie. We've had to take her collar off because Addie is constantly dragging her around if we leave it on. So she loves trying to put the collar on. She will say "I can't do it" fairly calmly and then right after "I CAN'T DOO IT" in a very exasperated voice. It's hilarious. She will also say, "sorry mom" or "sorry Maggie" since she is constantly doing something to her. She will also say, "Maggie crying" after she has been mean to her. She is getting better at being gentle, you can tell that sometimes she just needs to squeeze her. I have a feeling we will really need to watch her with the baby brother.
We potty trained Addie last week and it has been an adventure. The method we used is the 3 day potty training but honestly it's been more like a week for us. After three days I was feeling like maybe potty training before the baby was a bad idea, then she had a few great days and the last couple were a bit rough again. Today she has been great. She needs to be reminded to go and while she was a champ at pooping in the toilet the first half, we have struggle a bit the last several days. She looks so cute in her big girl panties and she loves being able to show people that she can go in the big girl potty. We have utilized Maggie's help too. Addie loves to go in front of Maggie, she seriously loves that dog. I hope Maggie doesn't have a heart attack when she realizes we're bringing home another one.

Swimming POOL!!

Tacoma came over and splashed us all, Addie loved it

Addie loves water, which makes me happy because I love water. I anticipate lots of fun swimming adventures to come. We pulled out the wading pool and Addie gets in every chance she gets. It has been fairly stormy so it's kind of hit and miss when we can go out. Chops put the pool away and she looks out and says, "where did the swimming pool go??" We went with Grandma Dorothy and Uncle Rich to the Legacy Center and she had a fun lesson with Grandma. She is already learning to float and she doesn't mind having her head under water. Anytime she hears the word swim she perks right up. Grandma Fran got her a two piece swim suit and she was trying to pull the top down so it covered her belly...so modest...although her cleavage was showing after.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Brooklynn's Birthday at the Zoo

Last Saturday we went to the Hogle Zoo for Brooklynn's 1st birthday. I'm not going to lie, Brooklynn was much funner to celebrate with than Addie was for her birthday turning one, but I think she will be better for her second birthday...Brooklynn was so cute eating her cupcake and Kamryn wanted to steal it from her. She also loved opening her presents, but didn't love it when they got taken away to open the next one. So funny!
Addie loved the zoo but I think she loved the animatronic dinosaurs more than the live animals. She would say, "Ohhh, dinosaurs!" She also loved the carousel and threw a fit when she had to get off, which didn't surprise me one bit. We had a fun day but I was exhausted by the end. Good times with family.

More Addie Fun

Addie applying chapstick...
I made her this skirt, yeah I feel pretty accomplished :)
Breakfast yoga moves

I really need to journal more of the cute things Addie has been doing. She is talking so well now, as long as you know what things sound like you can understand her pretty well. She is such a copycat so she often repeats whatever it is that you are saying. She will sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider and can really do it well, or not. She has some really cute actions too. She also sings the Sunbeam song and still loves nursery, although I think she does better when dad drops her off than when I do.
We are starting to potty train her and we are on day 2. Day 1 was kind of an adventure with about 7 accidents but towards the night she was getting better. We have only had one accident today and she was able to poop and pee in the toilet. Right now she is taking a nap and it is so wonderful. I'm not sure what I am going to do when I have two...
I love when she is tired and will snuggle up to me and just let me hold her. She can be such a wiggle worm so it is nice to have the snuggle times. She loves showing off and she loves being with people. I love to hear her say h'mon richard or h'mon grandma...she loves all her family.