Sunday, June 19, 2011

Saturday Fun

Okay, last post for today...

Last Saturday we decided we needed to do something fun so we headed up to the Farmers Market in SLC and then head over to the Discovery Gateway Childrens Museum. We got to meet up with Josh and Lori and cute little JJ. I can't believe how big he is getting. Addie loved JJ and loved feeding him some of the fruit pie. I'm not sure if JJ loved Addie but he did love the fruit pie :)
We ate some greek food for lunch and then headed to the museum. Addie loved this music thing where you step on certain spots and they would light up and make noise. She also loved the horse (big surprise) and the giant swan, as well as a little push/ride toy. The only down side to the trip was she got mauled twice by two different little boys. The first time she shook it off pretty good but the second time you could tell that she was tired and ready to go. We headed back home, she took a nap on the way back and then we hung out with Matt and Jamie and had some really good dinner. It was a very busy, fun day.


Why yes, she did put this on herself...

Addie just kept scooting closer to Kate, this was after Kate had moved once.

We went up to the cabin last weekend with Ryan and his kids. Chops called ahead to see if we needed the snowmobile and we did. The boys were taking stuff to the cabin while I watched the kids. We kind of got bored standing around so we decided to start walking to the cabin. Kate and Addie had fun tromping through the snow but Tommy wanted to be carried. That boy is a snuggler, even if he doesn't really know you. Chops picked up Addie and Kate and then when he came back for me and Tommy, Tommy just snuggled into me while we were riding. All of the kids loved the snowmobile and Addie especially loved climbing the stairs and hanging off the loft, scaring me every time.
Kate had a little shadow pretty much the whole time. They were coloring and Addie pulls out a crayon and says, "I eat?" She loves eating crayons, although she didn't try to eat any and I think it's because she was watching Kate closely and Kate never ate any :) She did try to eat snow just about every minute she was outside, which was super gross since the snow was slightly brown and flecked with dirt. The boys dug a snow cave but I neglected to get a picture of the finished product. I think the big kids liked it better than the little ones.


Addie loves her cousin Brooklynn. It is so cute to hear her say Brooklynn's name. She gets really excited when we tell her that Ben and Chelsea and Brooklynn are coming over. It is fun now that Brooklynn is up and moving Addie can do more than just bug her. I have a feeling those two are going to get into a bit of trouble through the years, although Addie will probably be the instigator...

Graduation 2011

The Purple Blur

My little brother Max graduated from Lehi High School this year. Someone forgot to mention when their graduation was, ahem, Max, so I found out the day before. Good communication skills run in my family. I really need a telephoto lens for my camera so i can actually take pics from far away. I wasn't sure where Max was so I headed down to the front to be able to take a shot of him. He was basically one of the last people besides the ones on the stage, so I was there for a long time. After waiting forever I figured I better take a few practice shots so I could get a good one. The lighting was really bad so I was adjusting my camera... right as Max was coming out. Max, who is fine to perform in front of scores of people, didn't even break stride as he zoomed past the L. So my only picture of him is a purple blur. Awesome. congratulations Max! We're proud of you!