Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where did May go???

I can't believe how quickly May has flown by, I have really slacked on pictures, but the weather has been so rainy I'm blaming it on that. I have a lot of catching up to do...
Mothers Day: Chops got me a sewing machine. I want to make a quilt for Addie's room since we are kicking her out of the crib for when the new baby comes. I saw one that I really liked online that seemed pretty doable. And then I started a practice quilt and back peddled a bit on whether I can actually do it. But I'm going to go ahead with it. I've been looking at all the cool things that I can do once I learn how to sew, so I'm excited.
We are doing several projects in the yard, I got the garden planted and little shoots are finally coming up. We made a walkway of bricks from the back door to the shed. We poured cement for a front patio, a sidewalk and a patio off of the laundrey room door. We are going to be planting some fruit trees and doing a bit more landscaping in the front. Chops asked if we were ever going to be done with projects and I said, "are YOU ever going to be done with projects..." He is a hard worker and always looking for ways to improve things, even if it means compacting in the rain...I should have gotten a picture of that. So yeah, we've been up to a lot outside.
We are also getting Addie's new room ready. We scored an awesome bunk bed on KSL for a killer deal and now we just need to convince her that she can sleep in it as well as play in it. It's a good thing I have been in the nesting mode because I have been organizing like mad, which is something I have a limited capacity for. I need to take pictures of everything to make up for the month of no pics, Addie's going to forget how to cheese for the camera.
Some new cute things that Addie has been doing:
She is stringing words together; her favs are I toot, I crazy (usually said while she is running around like a lunatic) I climb. She also goes around singing Rocky, Maggie and just repeated their names over and over. She will sing some of the sunbeam song and in the morning when I change her diaper she sucks in her belly and says, moving! We have been having her feel my belly when the baby moves around so now she makes her belly move too. I cannot believe how cute she is and how funny she has become. There is a little girl at church that she really wants to be friends with but the little girl does not like her...at all. She loves going to nursery, and hopefully she is good. She has a couple of kids that she loves to play with and will follow them around. She loves bikes and will try to ride one no matter the size. She also loves the horses, although lately she will ride and then wants to get off and lead the horse around, she is so adventurous.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Addie loves the farm- she loves the tractor, the goats, horses, chickens and cats, and the dirt. I took some pictures of her the other day- she is my farm girl.


Addie went to her first Easter egg hunt this year. It was a neighborhood one and perfect to start her out. I had her practice at home picking up the eggs and putting them in her basket. We tried to take those ones out but she was pretty set on them staying in. When we got there she was pointing at all the eggs but as soon as it started I think the crowd threw her off. She would pick up an egg, examine it, and then put it down. She didn't want any of the new eggs contaminating her originals, I guess. She ended up getting a grand total of three eggs, although once she realized they were stuffed with candy I think she wanted more. The weather was pretty cold so no cute spring outfit, just her sweet head wrap she wears to ride the three wheeler.
On Sunday we had both families over for ham dinner. Carly got a bunch of eggs so Addie had a massive egg hunt to her self. It was fun to watch her find the eggs but it will be nice when there are a few other little ones around to share in the fun. Addie had lots of fun bossing Brooklynn around and showing her how to ride the four wheeler. She really likes her but is pretty stingy with her toys at times. It makes me wonder how she is in nursery. She played pretty hard that weekend and slept until 9:30 the next morning and then took a 2 1/2 hour nap. It was delightful :)