Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Time Flies...

 The infamous hair twirler
 Addie's outfit of choice about 90% of the time. Actually, she's been lowriding her underwear too and seeing if she can get away with being totally naked.
 This pic reminds me of her grimace smile days...she may need therapy later on in life because of me posting this

 Wyatt loves the four wheeler and drives it by himself already, not super great at steering

 Addie stole Wyatts pj bottoms and decided to ride him
 "stop touching me"
I don't know how it happens but months keep passing me by. I have had so many funny things Addie says and does and I kick myself when I don't write them down.  Addie has been kind of a stinker lately. I think she is at her most naughty when she is tired/hungry/needs attention. Wyatt has also been a bit of a stinker and I think it is when he is not being held...makes for some long days.  But they are so fun and so cute and so hilarious together it makes it worth it.  Wyatt loves crawling but doesn't have his knees touch the ground- it looks exhausting but he must have a strong core. He is standing while holding on to things and the other day I went upstairs to get something and Addie followed me so Wyatt starting crying and I could hear him getting closing.  I looked and he had crawled all the way up the stairs! It kind of put me in panic mode, but at the same time I was pretty proud of that little boy and very glad he didn't tumble down them. I think he will be walking before he is one.  Addie has been doing puzzles on the iPad and she is getting pretty good at them. I can't believe how much of a kid she is. Oh, and she has always loved to twirl her hair, only nowadays it is long enough she can twirl it into a know around her finger...and then rip it out by the roots.  I was putting her hair in a couple of pig tails for church and noticed two fairly large bald spots, awesome. She may just have short pixie hair for her whole life.