Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Moving and Grooving

Wyatt still mostly doesn't like being on his tummy, but he is planning on crawling very soon any ways. He scoots around while in a mostly seated position. Today while I was making dinner he was pushing himself backwards on the wood floor. It's going to be any day now that he is up and mobile. So together, Addie and Wyatt are going to give me a work out. Addie got into my wallet the other day and took out my checks and gave them to Wyatt to chew on, which he willingly obliged. He loves to put stuff in his mouth and really thinks he should be eating everything that we are. He loves the rice biscuits and being able to feed himself and drink from a big boy cup. Still no teeth though. Addie has been saying the funniest things. She calls Wyatt Buddy which is just about the cutest thing ever. "Where's Buddy?" "Is Buddy asleep" "Nooooo Buddy" etc. She has also been dancing and singing, "shake your booty" There are more but I can't think of them right now.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Chops has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of snow so that he can go snowmobiling. It has been such a mild winter. I can't say it hasn't been nice to teach in 50 degree weather but it was a bit of a bummer to have no snow for Christmas. We finally got a nice storm and Addie and Dad had a blast playing, riding the 3 wheeler and making a snowman. We are hoping to take her this Saturday to go snowmobiling. Chops went with Devin last weekend and Devin had a blast.