Sunday, December 11, 2011

Time flies...

Addie wore it a couple of minutes then decided to give it to the kid with hair...
Alyx watched the kids and Brooklynn and Addie got a bath in the sink, they had a ball.
Cousin T did Addie and Wyatt's hair. Addie today was talking about her mohawk

Chelsea did her hair too, the bow lasted a good 20 minutes. Which is 19 min longer than they last when I do anything :)
Wyatt loves his doggies
Addie loves the iPad a lot. PBS kids is both a blessing and a curse
Is it just me, or do have really good looking children? Be honest...

I keep telling myself that I won't get so far behind and next thing I know it's happened again. I could blame it on Wyatt, but he is getting happier every day. Sometimes :0 He is getting so big, I can't believe he is 5 months old already. I'm pretty sure by now Addie was already rolling over. He has rolled over once about a week ago but not since. He is a pretty strong little guy and I think he will be sitting up pretty soon. I put him in the boppy today and he was moving around so much he tipped out. He does not like tummy time, unless Addie is there entertaining him. He can still be pretty fussy but I think he is starting to feel less grumpy so now we can work on good naps (which may help him be less grumpy). He is such a little charmer. He loves to talk and coo and make happy noises. He has discovered his feet and still loves to suck/chew on his thumb. No teeth yet but he seems like he is teething pretty good. He has started a little cereal, and maybe its because he has a big sister to catch up to, but I think he would love to go big kid food all the way. Addie loves feeding him, and lately as I change his poopy diapers has made gagging noises. It's hilarious and particularly funny because when I was her age my mom was holding Carly naked and she pooped and I promptly went to the bathroom and threw up. So it makes me laugh a little, she is my daughter. To be fair, his poop is pretty stinky. Addie is learning so much. She can recite pretty much all of Quick as a Cricket, and she remembers so much. She loves to talk and boss people around. Richard has been helping Mom (or doing it by himself) watch the kids and he is definitely a favorite of both Addie and Wyatt. My mom came over by herself one morning and Addie was looking for Uncle Richard. She just kind of sat there for a minute like, why did you come and not bring him??
We went to NM for Thanksgiving and Addie enjoyed being with all her cousins. She was also brought up to speed on all of the classic movies like Charlotte's Web and newer ones like Rio. Poor kid doesn't have any movies at home. Wyatt loved being held just about constantly and both of them were actually pretty good for the car ride both directions. I am so grateful for friends and family and my little babies.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Addie was a cowgirl and Wyatt was the horse...i thought about getting her a hat but she refused to wear it in the store, so I figured why bother...

Chops was a "rock star"

Halloween is so much fun when you have kids, although I am still a lame o for putting costumes together. Next year I am planning on a cool family theme but we will see. We went to our wards trunk or treat party and Addie went with the neighbors around to all the cars while I was inside with Wyatt and Chops was passing out candy. I'm pretty sure she didn't say a word the whole time. When we took her out on Halloween she would do a great practice "trick or treat" and then when the person would come to the door she would either mouth the words or whisper them. It was pretty funny. She was looking kind of comatose after a while so we asked her if she was done and she said, "no, lets get more candy." She has got this holiday down. For about a week afterwards she kept asking to go for a walk and get CANDY. She went through her bag pretty quickly, although most suckers got thrown away about half way through. I've turned into a mom, I don't think I would have ever thrown candy away before...
We carved a pumpkin and I wish I had gotten a picture of her face pulling out the guts, it was pretty cute.


This is her style just about daily now

Addie is finally getting some length to her hair. She has a mullet and she is proud of it. Unfortunately she is unaccustomed to having it done since there was nothing to do for so long so it is usually a ratty tangle. But I'm so proud of that mess! And Wyatt has got some awesome curl to his hair. I really hope it stays that way. I think he will probably get his first haircut before his sister does...

Horse Show

I am so behind it is going to be another round of catchup...Addie went to her first horse show about a month back. Auntie Carly was going and it was super close so we signed her up. I was actually at our stake's women conference so I missed the debut but Dad was able to document it. All the leadliners got trophies so she has a shiny trophy in her room. She is our little cowgirl.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Family Pics

So we have never officially gotten family pictures, something that I had to remedy. I asked our good friend Chelsea Smith if she would like to take some for us. We went over to the farm and thankfully the weather held out for long enough to get some awesome pictures. Thinking about it, it may have been better to wait until the youngest member of our family can actually look at the camera, but it was fun and I love the result. Now to choose which ones to hang up....

Birthday Girl

She LOVES her cousin Brooklynn

So Addie's 2 year birthday has come and gone...the last few weeks have flown by. It is crazy to think that I have a two year old. I look at her and she is so big, but she is still my little girl. We celebrated her birthday at the Bean Museum at BYU. Someone asked me, "who celebrates their kids birthday at a museum?" Me, I am a nerd but I do believe the kids enjoyed it. Addie is an animal lover like her mom so it worked out. We even got to see the reptile show. It was funny because there was a scout group and then the two year olds. We also went up the canyon and shared a birthday party with Shanelle, who was gracious enough to let Addie blow out the candles. On her birthday we also "celebrated" Addie becoming a big girl and got rid of her binky. Honestly, it has been rough on everyone. Addie has been a great sleeper but now it is a struggle to get her to fall asleep. She still asks for the beloved binky and mentions that she is crying. Believe me kid, I would love to oblige you but dad is worried about your teeth.
I just have to brag a bit about my child. She can count to ten, do the ABCs but she sometimes gets stuck and repeats. She doesn't really know colors but her default guess is green....she is great at coloring and can draw circles. She has become addicted to PBS kids on the ipad and can really sing lots of songs. She is a very compassionate person and will say sorry, tell me to go get Wyatt if he is crying and knows that Dad broke his collar bone. She also reminds me to put on my seatbelt when I forget. She alternates between being awesome at being potty trained and then regresses every once in a while. My mom always holds it til the last possible second so I think she passed that down to Addie-she just has too much to do to take the time and go. She refers to the main bathrooms as hers and lets us go potty in her toilet. She's funny to, because every so often she says "Addie's potty trained" and claps. She is such a joy in my life, even when she's grouchy because she is sleep deprived. She is my little helper and she makes me laugh every day.