Saturday, August 4, 2012

We went to San Diego in June and visited Grandpa Dawson and Grandma Rose. We went with Don and Fran and Fran had just broken her foot so she was in a wheel chair. It was actually quite handy most of the time, we were able to get close parking, get into attractions sooner etc. I'm not sure if Fran enjoyed it, but it helped the rest of us out. The kids had fun and loved the beach. Addie wasnt too sure about the waves but enjoyed playing in the water when in the bays. The weather was super nice and it was fun to spend time with Grandpa, who always thought Addie was a boy and Wyatt was a girl...he loves children which is sweet to watch him with the kids.

 Coronado beach...never did make it to the ocean but had a nice boardwalk stroll....
 Rock climbers, Addie was jumping all over the place here

Grandpa and Grandma- best picture we got

 Addie got wet and rolled around in the sand the first night we got there

 Notice Wyatt's sleep eyes? Its pretty common for him to look near comatose

 Addie wasnt too sure about the bird, Wyatt would have given anything to be able to hold the bird
 My children love the sand, but it has to be all over their face to fully enjoy it
 Addie was so sweet to Wyatt at the Safari Park. Awe
 Highlight for Wyatt- feeding the duck
 Highlight for Addie- riding the carousel, seriously would have done it all day if we had let her
 Right before Wyatt threw sand in his sister's eyes

 Wyatt loved Shamu,  Addie was only slightly entertained
Coronado- I was bummed we never made it to the water. Wheelchair+90 year old man= no way