Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Little Reader

Addie really likes books now. Her favorite is Where the Wild Things Are- we can read it over and over and she loves it. She tickles the monsters during the wild rumpus. It's pretty funny. I think that I have it memorized now. It's so fun to have her snuggle up and read.
Apparently when you sit in the chair you have to have something on your head- I think that's a wipe
Also, Addie loves snowmobiles just about as much as her dad. I caught them watching snowmobile videos online. We took Addie snowmobiling last Saturday and sandwiched in between us- she fell asleep twice. We would hang out and eat snow while Dad did some fun stuff. Sadly, no pictures.

And of course there needs to be some random pics for your viewing pleasure :)
We were cleaning out the doesn't always look that bare :) Sometimes when I get lazy and don't go to the store though....
Addie wore that headband for about 5 minutes..which is about 5 minutes longer than she has been wearing any headband.

Numero 2

So the Dawson family will be getting bigger by one in 2011. We are expecting another baby July 10. It will be interesting to see how Addie handles being a big sister. We don't know what we're having yet but will find out the end of February. So far this pregnancy has been easier (which has been so nice since Addie wears me out daily) so maybe it means a boy is on the way? We had an ultrasound because we weren't sure of the date and I was further along than I thought- which was nice. Right now I'm 15 weeks, I think. I'm not very good at keeping track.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


We got a Wii for Christmas- wasn't too excited at first but I have to admit that I really like it.

Brooklynn was really excited to open presents
Dawson family Christmas- minus Addie- she was taking a nap
New baby doll
Addie is holding a package of mini oreos and opening presents with one hand. I think the mini oreos were her favorite present. And they came in my stocking--that is a mother's love.

Chocoholism runs in our family- I blame it on Grandma Larsen.
Durrant family picture- my little bro Rich crashed his bike on his mission and broke his collar bone and his arm in two places so they sent him home for a couple of weeks- just in time for Christmas

We had a really wonderful Christmas. We were able to spend it with lots of family. Rich is home so my family was complete and Chops brothers Gabe and Josh came up from New Mexico so we had 4 out of 5 Dawson boys here. All the kids are getting so big I can't believe how the time flies. Chops really surprised me and got a Wii for me. At first I wasn't really feeling it, but I must say it has been fun to play. It's also been really fun to totally kick Chops' bum at wakeboarding...yeah! We were able to go up to Strawberry and play with the sleds and snowmobiles. Addie really like riding them and we went down the hill a few times too. It's a bummer that the vacation is over.

Happy Birthday Chops

I'm trying to play catch up on our vacation. Chops birthday was the 19th. He turned the big 26. Early 20s don't really seem that old but once you hit 25, it just feels older. Closer to 30 I guess.We had both sets of family over and Addie and Brooklynn got to play together. I'm trying to make this all about Chops and as I look over the pictures that were taken on his birthday, they are all of the girls. Whoops. It has been great to spend Christmas break together and it will be kind of weird when he has to go back to school--tomorrow.