Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Uncle Richard sent her this kitty in the mail...and she loves it.
Addie trying to put dad's sock on. I think Chops' class is wearing him out...that's two pics in a row with Addie playing next to dad sleeping.
Addie figuring out how to use the doggy door at the stairs- we didn't think she would fit
This girl loves shoes. She's all set!
Don't worry, its clean..it hasn't been worn for a long time! Addie enjoys playing with my underwear and somehow found this in the closet.

I have been slacking, again. So much has been going on but with my pregnancy brain they are long gone. We did head up to a friends cabin last weekend (no pics) and had some fun. Addie is in love with the snowmobiles and had fun being the only kid amongst several adults. She ate up all the attention. She is a very friendly kid- she is constantly saying hi to people at the store and church. She keeps saying hi even after they have acknowledged her. She helped me up at the Horse Expo- she was the candy hander outer and she took her job very seriously. She couldn't understand why someone would pass up candy...hello! I can't believe all of the words that she is learning. She learned spider yesterday so we sang the itsy bitsy spider about 30 times. I love the look of concentration on her little face. We have been enjoying the warmer weather and she has been helping me at the farm. She loves the animals, dirt and especially the tractor. She feeds the horses and got squashed by the goat the other day. She still has her dare devil streak and finally got a bump out of it. She fell and hit the end table today as she was using her stool to climb the table so she can climb onto the desk...then she was rocking on her horse so hard she fell over backwards and then she fell into the tub..yeah, it was a good day.