Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Musings on being a mom

So yesterday Addie was very, very active. She went outside to help dad with the shed and stuck a few rocks and pieces of bark in her mouth. So I brought her in while I was making dinner. She made a beeline for the mud room where she promptly got into the dog food- and stuck a piece in her mouth before I could stop her. I shut the door and then she was on the hunt for any stray piece of dirt on the floor. Did I mention that babies are a great way to get your floor clean? I can't believe how much she enjoys crawling around now. Its a really good thing that Chops installed the baby gate when he did because now she crawls over to it, stands up and shakes it like the inmate that she is. Its pretty funny.
Addie also was really constipated this last week. She hadn't pooped for 5 or 6 days and finally she went yesterday. Today she is making up for lost time since I've already changed 4 poopy diapers. I was just thinking and we haven't had to buy any diapers for her yet. I take that back, I did buy an emergency bag when we were down at Don and Frans and I didn't have any...I feel incredibly blessed to have such good people in my life that help us out so much. Chalene, Aunt Diane and Mom, thanks a bunch. Also, thanks to Fran and Melissa I really haven't had to buy Addie any clothes either. We've been really, really spoiled.
Oh, and I think that Addie's hair is finally coming in a bit more.
Such a fun baby, even when she's crawling up the chair when I am trying to nurse her so she can go to bed :) I love that girl.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Addie peed on the seat right after this was taken...

Easton and Addie--they love their binkies

So we went down to Moab on Wednesday and Thursday for Ashley and Kissle's wedding. It was so nice and warm and Addie loved camping. We got in pretty late on Wednesday night so Chops put up the tent while us girls hung around. The boys went to a sweat lodge and the girls went to bed. Addie slept pretty well, although every once in a while she would squawk and I was worried that she would wake everyone else up. She liked crawling around the tent and playing with the rocks and dirt.
We were able to go explore a bit of Arches-I had forgotten how amazingly beautiful it is there. I would like to go back again and really explore more of the arches. I think we probably need to get Addie a backpack first though- she was getting pretty heavy...
The wedding was really nice and they couldn't have picked a more beautiful spot to get married. There was an overlook and every once in a while a tourist would come by and wonder what was going on. It was really fun to see everyone and Ashley looked absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations to Spash and Kissle!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yee Haw

Fran got Addie this fun rocky horse a few weeks back. It has been quite fun to have all the kids ride on. This is Ryan's wife Rachel and their two cuties Kate and Tommy. Kate was quite the little cowgirl on the horse. Addie is so funny because she will kick her legs while she's riding it-yep, that's my girl. Oh, and I love the picture with Addie and Fran because I think Addie looks like me in it. For a comparison look at the one right above it, where you can definitely tell that she is a Dawson.

Work, Work, Work

So, Chops is building a shed, ahem, guest house, in our backyard. He has done a great job with a bit of help from his dad and brother, my dad and his friend Ryan. I guess I helped a bit too...
Here is some progress.
Let us know if your looking for a room to rent:)