Monday, November 14, 2011


Addie was a cowgirl and Wyatt was the horse...i thought about getting her a hat but she refused to wear it in the store, so I figured why bother...

Chops was a "rock star"

Halloween is so much fun when you have kids, although I am still a lame o for putting costumes together. Next year I am planning on a cool family theme but we will see. We went to our wards trunk or treat party and Addie went with the neighbors around to all the cars while I was inside with Wyatt and Chops was passing out candy. I'm pretty sure she didn't say a word the whole time. When we took her out on Halloween she would do a great practice "trick or treat" and then when the person would come to the door she would either mouth the words or whisper them. It was pretty funny. She was looking kind of comatose after a while so we asked her if she was done and she said, "no, lets get more candy." She has got this holiday down. For about a week afterwards she kept asking to go for a walk and get CANDY. She went through her bag pretty quickly, although most suckers got thrown away about half way through. I've turned into a mom, I don't think I would have ever thrown candy away before...
We carved a pumpkin and I wish I had gotten a picture of her face pulling out the guts, it was pretty cute.


This is her style just about daily now

Addie is finally getting some length to her hair. She has a mullet and she is proud of it. Unfortunately she is unaccustomed to having it done since there was nothing to do for so long so it is usually a ratty tangle. But I'm so proud of that mess! And Wyatt has got some awesome curl to his hair. I really hope it stays that way. I think he will probably get his first haircut before his sister does...

Horse Show

I am so behind it is going to be another round of catchup...Addie went to her first horse show about a month back. Auntie Carly was going and it was super close so we signed her up. I was actually at our stake's women conference so I missed the debut but Dad was able to document it. All the leadliners got trophies so she has a shiny trophy in her room. She is our little cowgirl.