Monday, April 20, 2015

Back to School!

So Chops has been thinking about going back to school to get his Masters in Administration and this year his Principal really gave him lots of opportunities for leadership and growth in that area. Chops applied to a couple of different schools and decided to go with the LPP program at BYU. It will be a 15 month program that starts in a week with him going to school after school and then full time in the summer with the next school year being three month internships at three different schools. He is taking a sabbatical from teaching while in the program. I'm super proud and excited for him but it is bittersweet. I've loved having him teach at Deerfield and he may or may not go back there. I feel that there is a need for male teachers that are committed to teaching. He can continue teaching after getting his masters but they typically encourage graduates to move into administration roles.  The kids love visiting dad at school and his classes always treat them like celebrities. I think Addie is going to have a hard time learning that kindergarten is not always class parties and celebrations like is the norm for when we visit dad. I also love his hours-he typically gets home at 4:30 except for Parent Teacher conference week, which is three times a year. So having him gone until 8:30 or so M-Th is going to be a bit of an adjustment to say the least! But I am excited for the new adventures he will be having and the papers I will no doubt be proofreading. I'm grateful for his hard work and I am proud of him.  There will be some major adjustments for the next little bit but we're off on a new adventure!  I may have to take a couple of vacations with the kids while he's busy at school :)

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  1. Congrats! School while working is hard but it sounds like a great opportunity for you guys!