Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Ezra!!

So I'm still having technical difficulties in getting pictures uploaded to the computer so this may be sans pictures for a bit. Ezra turned the big 1 on the Saturday of Easter Conference weekend.  We had a mostly low key day because Chops family was out of town so we celebrated on Monday with an Easter dinner and cupcakes for the birthday boy. Both previous children have been somewhat surly on their birthdays so I had fairly low expectations but secretly thought Ez would be different. He did not disappoint! He was very excited that there was fire on his cupcake and the look on his face when we sang happy birthday was so cute. He knew this party was for him and he soaked it up. I love my little (big) one year old! He has four, almost five teeth and has regressed in sleeping to the point that I may feel like I have a newborn again (well, he was actually a great sleeper as a newborn so I guess I'm just getting it later) He is a speed crawler and often lifts up his knees and just crawls on his hands and feet. He likes to stand and has taken several tentative steps but when you try to help him he promptly sits down.  But I know he'll be off and running once he gets the hang of it. I think that some of Wyatt's roughness has worn off on him because he is getting some major attitude. He is still smily and sweet but not all the time. He definitely got the Dawson stubborn gene and the loud gene. I love watching him learn and grow and play with his brother and sister.  He is still a champion eater although he is slimming down. He's only in the 93% for weight!

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